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Worm Gear Motor
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Specification of Worm Gear Motor

Worm Gear Motor

Worm Gear as previously known, consists of 2 parts of the gear and the worm shaft.
In the manufacture of gears can be done by using a hobbing machine as in the manufacture of gears on the usual. While in the manufacture of worm shaft can be done by using lathe and CNC machine.
Which must be considered in the manufacture of worm gear pair:
1. the worm shaft must have one center along the axis (concentric).
2. both modules (pitch) of the gear should be the same. If not the same, then both gears will not be paired.
3. the number of both angles of the gear helicopter should be 90 °, so that the axes of both gears are perpendicular to each other.
4. Determine the ratio before making the gear.

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