TI.51 type WIKA bimetal thermometer

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09 Jul 2024
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American Samoa
Minimum Order
1 Pieces
The TI.51 type WIKA bimetal thermometer offers the same features as the TI.30 and TI.50, with a fixed bottom mount (bottom) connection. The hermetically sealed case offers protection from weather and dust, and is guaranteed to be non-foaming. TI.51 has a 1 year warranty.
WIKA type TI.51 bimetal thermometer standard features:
Case: 304 SS
Dial: Anti-parallax, heavy gauge aluminum with matte white finish
External Reset: Perforated hexagonal adjustment
Window: Fully sealed glass standard
Hermetic Seal: Per ASME B40.3, IP65, NEMA 4X
Rod: 1/4" diameter; 304 SS,
TIG welded at the ends and joints of the casing. Available in 3/8" diameter
Damper: Inert gel to minimize pointer oscillation.
Over Range: Tolerance ranges temporarily or below 50% of the scale to 500°F (260°C)
Accuracy: ±1% full range range per ASME B40.3
Shipping Weight: Type 31: rod length - 2½"-9"= 12oz.**
Type 51: rod length - 2½"-9"=1lb. 10oz.**
(**the weight of each thermometer)
available options
Rod length: (In inches) 2½" to 72"
Silicone fill, custom dial, min-max pointer, union lock nut, union connection
Window: Lexan®, acrylic, shatterproof, sharp edge, wet movement
RS= Side trip connection location
LS= Left side connection location
TS=Upper side connection location
We are Distributor of WIKA type TI.51 bimetal thermometer and various other brands such as WIKA, ASCHROFT, BROTHOTERM, NAGANO KEIKI, NOUVA FIRMA, OMEGA, and various other brands.
For orders and orders WIKA type TI.51 bimetal thermometer please contact us.
PT. Gajah Unggul Pratama is a company engaged in the sale of industrial pumps, technical, mechanical and electrical equipment. One of our superior products is the WIKA type TI.51 bimetal thermometer which has been tested for quality and excellence and can be relied on for your industry.

Bimetal Thermometer
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