Centrifugal Pump SOUTHERN CROSS - Distributor of Southern Cross Pumps
Centrifugal Pump SOUTHERN CROSS - Distributor of Southern Cross Pumps
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23 Feb 2021
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Specification of Centrifugal Pump SOUTHERN CROSS - Distributor of Southern Cross Pumps

Southern Cross Pump Distributor

Southern Cross Pump

Our emphasis is on high quality products supported by years of expertise and exceptional customer service, ensuring satisfied customers.

Southern Cross

Southern Cross is an icon in water supply and storage markets in Australia, New Zealand and many international markets. Grown from a company founded in Toowoomba QLD by Griffith Bros in 1871, the Southern Cross was first introduced in 1903 with the introduction of one of the first metal windmills produced by the company. It launched "SOUTHERN CROSS" as one of the best known names serving water supply and storage for agriculture, cities, industry, infrastructure, fire and mining; Southern Cross pumps have proven to be proficient in upholding the highest industry standards.

Working in a variety of markets, Pentair is a sustainable choice to find solutions for many industrial water needs. Now part of Pentair, Southern Cross Pumps continues to offer products that make us an iconic brand and a much wider range to meet the needs of traditional and international markets.

The Southern Cross name remains the benchmark for supplying the highest quality and most reliable liquid storage and pumping equipment for Australian, New Zealand and International customers.

Southern Cross Pumps offer a variety of pumps in various forms to suit a variety of applications from domestic pressure systems to industrial high volume transfer units, as well as proven ISO Standard End Suction and iconic windmills. Breath from our offer means we are able to provide the ideal solution for almost all applications.
We are one of the Southern Cross Pump Distributors in Indonesia with various types of pumps.
Find Southern Cross Pump products on our website and contact us to order Southern Cross Pumps products.


Pompa Centrifugal

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