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Selling Siemens electric motors in Jakarta

Siemens electric motor

Siemens Electric Motor Industry is the answer to the challenges in the manufacturing and industrial processes and in building the automation business. Encouragement and automation is our solution based on Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) and Integrated Integrated Power (TIP) used in all types of industries in manufacturing and industrial processes.

In industry and in functional buildings Siemens electric motors offer automation, drive, and low voltage switching technology as well as industrial software from standard product booths to all industries. Industrial software allows us industrial customers to optimize the value chain from product design and development through manufacturing and sales to after-sales services.

The high quality of Siemens electric motorbike products sets benchmarks throughout the industry. High environmental goals are part of our environmental management, and we do. This goal aims consistently. The strength of product design, the possibility of environmental effects being examined. Because of that, there are many products and our systems are RoHS compliant. Siemens certified electric motor production plant location. According to DIN EN ISO 14001, but for us, environmental protection also means the most efficient use of valuable sources. The best example is an energy-efficient drive with up to 60% energy. Find out how you can continuously improve your competitive advantage with us.

The advantages of Siemens electric motors

1. An efficient induction motor for pumps, fans and compressors

2. Proper motor control motor with very dynamic performance for positioning and handling, and for use in production machinery and machine tools

3. Strong DC motors and high voltage motors for use in ships, milling plants, ore plants and large slurry pumps and compressors in the oil and gas industry

4. Strong motor strength and explosion for the toughest and heaviest operating environment in the world.

We have Siemens electric motor stock in warehouses with Horizontal (B3) and Vertical (B5) types with power from 0.55 kW to 315 kW rotation (RPM) 8 pole, 6 pole, 4 pole and 2 pole. There are 2 types of motor casing material, namely aluminum for small power and cast iron for large power. Siemens electric motors that are produced and marketed by Indonesia come from two factory sources, namely from Germany and China. From Germany has a code of 1LA7 while from China has a code of 1 LE0.

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