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China Induction Motor - China Electric Motor Agent
China Induction Motor - China Electric Motor Agent
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China Electric Motorbike Agent
Chinese Electric Motor
China electric motor or electric motor is a tool to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. Tools that function otherwise, converting mechanical energy into electrical energy are called generators or dynamos.
Electric motors or electric motors commonly used in the industrial world are asynchronous electric motors, with two global standards namely IEC and NEMA. IEC asynchronous motors are metric (millimeter) based, while NEMA electric motors are imperial (inch) based, in applications there are units of power in horsepower (hp) and kiloWatt (kW).
IEC electric motors are divided into several classes according to their efficiency, as standard in EU, the division of this class becomes EFF1, EFF2 and EFF3. EFF1 is the most efficient electric motor, the least waste of energy, while EFF3 should not be used in the EU environment, because it wastes fuel at the power plant and will automatically cause the most carbon emissions, thus polluting the environment.
We are one of the China Electric Motorbike Agents of various brands in Indonesia especially in Jakarta such as China Electric Motor YUEMA, China Electric Motor ROTOR, China Electric Motor MOTOLOGY, China Electric Motor LIMING and various other Chinese Electric Motors.
Find Chinese Electric Motorbike products on our website and contact us to order Chinese Electric Motor products.



Motor Induksi

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