​​Electromagnetic Flow Meter SHM - Electromagnetic Flow Meter SHM
 ​​Electromagnetic Flow Meter SHM - Electromagnetic Flow Meter SHM
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30 Jul 2021
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Specification of ​​Electromagnetic Flow Meter SHM - Electromagnetic Flow Meter SHM

Sell ​​Electromagnetic Flow Meter SHM

Electromagnetic Flow Meter SHM

Electromagnetic Flow Meter SHM can be used to measure the volume flow of conductive liquid in a closed pipe. Widely applied in flow measurement and control in the fields of chemical and petroleum industry, metallurgical industry, water and waste water, agriculture and irrigation, paper making, food and beverage industry and pharmaceutical industry.

Electromagnetic Flow Meter SHM units are very strong and reliable at economical prices. PTFE and Electrode Linings Titanium guarantees safe flowmeter from many types of aggressive materials and with RS485, 4-20mA and Reed Switch.

Condition of SHM Electromagnetic Flow Meter
Ambient temperature: sensor: -25 '"to + 60'"; converter: -25 '"to + 60'".
Relative humidity: 5% to 90%;
Working conditions
Maximum fluid temperature:
Compact type: 60 '"
Remote type: Teflon 150 '"
Neoprene 80 '"; 120'"
Polyurethane 70 '"
Fluid conductivity: '5 "S / cm

This Electromagnetic Flow Meter SHM complies with the "JB / T 9248-1999 Electromagnetic Flow Meter" Standard. Maximum flow rate: 15 m / s.

Accuracy: 0.5%, 0.2%
Nominal Pressure: 4.0MPa (DN0-150)
1.6MPa (DN200-600)
1.0MPa (DN700-1200)

Shape and Material of SHM Electromagnetic Flow Meter:
The electrode design has four forms: standard shape, scraper shape, removable shape and earthing electrode.
The electrode material can be selected from stainless steel containing Mo, stainless steel coated with carbon tungsten, Hastelloy B, Hastelloy C, Titanium, Tantalum and platinum-iridium alloys.
Material leads: carbon steel
Ground ring: stainless steel
Inlet protection ring: carbon steel, stainless steel

Electromagnetic Flow Meter SHM is available in sizes 1½ "(DN 40), 2" (DN50), 2.5 "(DN65), 3" (DN80), 4 "(DN100), 5" (DN125), 6 "(DN150) . 8 "(DN200), 10" (DN250) and 12 "(DN300) to 80" (DN 2000).

Electromagnetic Flow Meter SHM guarantees product warranty: 2 years (Service & Part).
We sell Electromagnetic Flow Meters in Indonesia located in Jakarta with stock available.

We sell products and machines to support your industry / factories such as industrial pumps, dosing pumps, gear pumps, induction motors, blowers, pressure gauges, flowmeters, engineering tools, flow meters, mechanical and other electrical devices. One of our superior products is the Electromagnetic Flow Meter SHM. We service every need you need.



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