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Horizontal Pump - mechanic seal pump
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Specification of Horizontal Pump - mechanic seal pump

Pump mechanical seal

Mechanical Seals or Mechanical Seals are one type of dynamic seal that serves to avoid / eliminate leakage that occurs in the Stuffing Box of centrifugal pumps & compressors. Mechanical Seal consists of Rotating and Stationary components that are mounted perpendicular to the shaft sleeve. The main components of Seal Face are made from different characteristics to avoid uneven surface wear.

The main function of the Mechanical seal is to prevent leakage that may occur in the connections. Mechanical seals are used between rotating shafts with their homes, such as rotation pumps. In general, the Mechanical Seal clarification is determined by the number and arrangement of the Rotating Face in the Seal Chamber. Single Seal means the Stuffing box has one Rotating face and one Matting Face. Rotating Face can be supported by one or many springs (Multi Spring) and Fluid pressure in Stuffing Box (Hydroulic Pressure).

Between the Rotating and stationary surfaces there is a film layer of work fluda that functions as a insulation, cooling and lubricant for Mechanical Seal components. This film layer is optimized at the minimum thickness level so that the working fluid emissions with environmental requirements threshold.

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Horizontal Pump

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