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Specification of Dosing Pump TACMINA PZ Series

TACMINA Dosing Pump Agent

Dosing Pump History TACMINA

In 1956, after the postwar reconstruction was completed, a white economic paper stated that "the postwar era was over," and marked the birth of an industry which would later become TACMINA. The founder of Toshio Yamada is from Ikuno-cho, Asago City (formerly Asago-gun) located in Hyogo Prefecture. At that time, waterways had not yet been developed in the area and infectious diseases spread due to contamination of drinking water. Mr. Yamada, who works in a local company, thinks that there must be a way to help improve health and safety in the community and decide to set up his own business. He set up a factory at his home and began producing and selling chlorine disinfection equipment.

Launched in 1965, the "N-Feeder S-Type" is the first electric-powered metering pump made in Japan. This pump will be the foundation of TACMINA as a metering pump manufacturer. At that time, the only available electric-powered measuring pumps were imported, very expensive and difficult to obtain. The S-Type N-Feeder developed by TACMINA also meets the needs of other applications that emerged during this period, because pool maintenance equipment is needed for elementary and junior high schools. TACMINA received high praise from many respected organizations, becoming the first product recommended by the Japanese Food Hygiene Association, the Japan Small Scale Water Works Association and the Japanese School of Health Society.

TACMINA Dosing Pump Products

For General Chemical Solutions use the following series:

PAC TACMINA Series Dosing Pump

Max. discharge volume: 100 mL / min.

Max. exhaust pressure: 1.5 Mpa.

TACMINA PW Series Dosing Pump

Max. discharge volume: 220 mL / min.

Max. exhaust pressure: 2.0Mpa.

TACMINA PZD Series Dosing Pump

Max. debit volume: 540mL / min.

Max. exhaust pressure: 0.3Mpa.

TACMINA PZi Series Dosing Pump

Max. debit volume: 540mL / min

Max. exhaust pressure: 0.3MPa

TACMINA PZiG Series Dosing Pump

Max. discharge volume: 1000 mL / min

Max. exhaust pressure: 1.0MPa

For Sodium Hypochlorite (NaClO) Injection, Dosing Pump TACMINA uses DCLPW Series ・ CLPW

Max. debit volume: 90mL / min

Max. exhaust pressure: 1.0Mpa

And there are many other series for industry, hospitals, buildings and others

We are one of the TACMINA Dosing Pump Agents in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta with various types of pumps

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Dosing Pump

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