Dosing Pump LMI Milton Roy GM0025 PRAMNN

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22 May 2024
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American Samoa
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1 Unit
Dosing Pump LMI Milton Roy GM0025 PRAMNN
Dosing Pump LMI Milton Roy GM0025 PRAMNN comes from America (USA). The LMI Milton Roy Dosing Pump is designed for more economical chemical injection which has a manually adjustable stroke length and is sealed to provide protection against moisture and corrosive conditions and has a high quality construction and durability.
LMI Milton Roy GM0025 PRAMNN Dosing Pump Specifications:
Capacity : 25 LPH
Pressure: 12 Bar
SPM : 72
Power : 250 Watt, 230 V, 50/60 Hz
Main Technical Characteristics of GM Series:
Flow rate up to 1800L/H
Pressure up to 12 bar
Suction lift: up to 3 m water
Maximum suction pressure: 2 bar
Accuracy: ±2% of rated flow from 10% to 100% stroke
Maximum temperature of pumped liquid: 40 DC
Features & Benefits of Liquid End GM Series:
Mechanically actuated diaphragm design
Eliminate contour plates, easy to pass material
PVC, PVDF & 316SS cair liquid finish material
High viscosity, slurry application
Self-cleaning suction/discharge check valve
GM Series End Drives:
Variable eccentric drive mechanism for smooth sinusoidal flow
Rugged construction designed to withstand tough environments
Wear-resistant ball bearing to make the pump work more stable
Oil bath lubrication for all drive components
Lockable micrometer stroke, adjustment can be adjusted when the pump is running or stopped
We are a distributor of the LMI Milton Roy GM0025 PRAMNN Dosing Pump in Indonesia, located in Jakarta.
Please ask for stock first because stock is not always ready due to the large number of orders
We are ready to help send to your place wherever you are. Free postage for Jakarta, outside Jakarta with the help of an expedition, the buyer is responsible for postage
PT. Gajah Unggul Pratama is a company engaged in the sale of industrial pumps, dosing pumps, pressure gauges, gear pumps, root blowers, technical, mechanical and electrical equipment. One of our superior products is the Dosing Pump for Jakarta free shipping. The LMI Milton Roy GM0025 PRAMNN Dosing Pump product has been tested for quality and excellence, can be relied on for your industry.

Dosing Pump
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