Barometer Alat Ukur Tekanan Udara - Agen Pressure Gauge WIKA
Barometer Alat Ukur Tekanan Udara - Agen Pressure Gauge WIKA
Barometer Alat Ukur Tekanan Udara - Agen Pressure Gauge WIKA
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22 Feb 2021
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Specification of Barometer Alat Ukur Tekanan Udara - Agen Pressure Gauge WIKA

WIKA Pressure Gauge Agent

WIKA Pressure Gauge

The WIKA Pressure Gauge has formed a market since 1946

Our pressure gauges (mechanical pressure gauges) for measuring, producing absolute and differential have been proven to be millions of times. For optimal solutions for the widest range of applications, there are several measurement systems in the Bourdon tube, diaphragm elements and element technology. The measuring device also includes a scale from 0 ... 0.5 mbar to 0 ... 6,000 bar and an accuracy of up to 0.1%. For various needs in tools and processes there are elements of copper, stainless steel or special materials.

WIKA is the world in making mechanical gauges (pressure gauge). Do you want to measure up to 0.5 bars or up to 7,000 bars - we offer you the right gauges for each industry and the right measurements:

A WIKA pressure gauge is comparable to a Bourdon tube (0.6 ... 7,000 bars)

WIKA pressure gauge relative to diaphragm elements for high overpressure (16 mbar ... 40 bar)

WIKA pressure gauge is relative to elements for very low pressure (2.5 ... 600 mbar)

WIKA pressure gauge, the scale for the pressure gauge is between 0 ... 25 perfect barbar and 0 ... 25 bar, with accuracy class 0.6 ... 2.5.

WIKA Pressure Gauge, Pressure Gauge works with various elements. Emissions, measurements obtained from 0 ... 0.5 mbar to 0 ... 1,000 bars and statistical overlay barriers of up to 400 bars are possible.

WIKA's pressure gauges have advantages and qualities such as: comprehensive technology competencies, international standards, international access, long-term security, annual financial conditions

WIKA pressure gauges have factories and manufacturing in various parts such as America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

We are one of the WIKA Pressure Gauge Agents in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta with different types, materials and specifications.

Find a WIKA Pressure Gauge Product on our website and contact us to order a Pressure Gau

Barometer Alat Ukur Tekanan Udara

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