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What is a Pressure Gauge

A pressure gauge is a device used to measure fluid pressure (gas or liquid) in a closed tube. The unit of the pressure gauge is in the form of psi (pound per square inch), psf (pound per square foot), mmHg (millimeter of mercury), inHg (inch of mercury), bar, or atm (atmosphere). A Pressure Gauge can be used to monitor air and gas pressure in compressors, vacuum equipment, process lines, and special tank applications such as medical gas cylinders and fire extinguishers.

A pressure gauge or pressure gauge is divided into several types, namely:

1. Absolute Pressure is the pressure calculated based on the reference pressure of 1 atm. The absolute pressure is better known as PSIA. (PSIA = PSIG + Patm).

2. Pressure gauge is a positive pressure to a reference pressure of 1 atm, which means this pressure is greater than 1 atm. Gauge pressure is better known as PSIG. In this condition PSIG> 1 atm.

3. Vaccum pressure is negative pressure on atmospheric pressure or it can also be said that the vaccum pressure is under atmospheric pressure so it is negative. PSIA <1 atm.

4. Hydrostatic pressure is the pressure that occurs under water. This pressure occurs because of the weight of water that makes the liquid release pressure. The pressure of a liquid depends on the depth of the liquid in a space and gravity also determines the water pressure. This relationship is formulated as follows: "P = ρgh" where ρ is the period of the liquid type, g (10 m / s2) is gravity, and h is liquid depth.

5. Differential pressure is the pressure measured against other pressures. The amount of PSID.

A Pressure Gauge has black steel, aluminum and stainless steel material with a choice of bronze and stainless steel connection material. The Pressure Gauge has different pressures according to the specifications desired.

We are one of the Distributor of various Pressure Gauge brands in Jakarta such as WIKA pressure gauge, ASCHROFT pressure gauge, BROTHOTERM pressure gauge, NOUVA FIRMA pressure gauge, OMEGA pressure gauge, and other pressure gauge brands.

For orders and Pressure Gauge orders please contact us.



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