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CALPEDA Centrifugal Pump Agents - Calpeda Pump Agents All Types
CALPEDA Centrifugal Pump Agents - Calpeda Pump Agents All Types
CALPEDA Centrifugal Pump Agents - Calpeda Pump Agents All Types
CALPEDA Centrifugal Pump Agents - Calpeda Pump Agents All Types
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Last Updated
27 Nov 2020
Country Origin
United Kingdom
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Specification of

Pump Agent Calpeda

Calpeda pump

Origin of Calpeda Pump

Calpeda S.p.A. from the United Kingdom.
Calpeda is a company that is committed to studying, developing, making and modernizing pumping systems

The founder and pioneer of the Calpeda Pump Company is Vinicio Mettifogo. The Calpeda company has: 250 employees with a land area of ​​30,000 square meters. Our head office is in Montorso Vicentino (Vicenza); production of more than 2,000 types of pumps with power ranging from 0.5 to 200 kW

Pump Calpeda offers customers a large and specific number of pumps for a variety of uses such as: domestic applications, industrial fields, groundwater, waste water and sewage applications, for civil plants, building services sector, agriculture and irrigation applications, swimming pools and spa baths

Calpeda Pump has several types of pumps, namely:

21. MXV Calpeda type pump, vertical multi-stage stainless steel pump

Vertical multi-stage pumps with suction and shipping connections of the same diameter and arranged along the same axis in-line

22. Calpeda GXR type pumps, single-impeller submersible pumps in chrome-nickel stainless steel, with vertical shipping ports and with open impellers

The motor is cooled by pumped water past between a motorcycle jacket and an external jacket. Double shaft seal with oil chamber. Minimum dimensions and high levels of performance, for use in many different applications, altitudes up to 12.7 m and flow rates up to 220 liters / minute.

23. GX Calpeda type pump, single-impeller submersible pump in chrome-nickel stainless steel, with vertical shipping port

There are 2 types, namely:
GXC: with two channel impellers.
GXV: with impeller free flow (vortex).
Double shaft seals with intermittent oil chambers

24. MPC Calpeda type pump, self-priming pool pump with internal filter and motor isolated from pumped water

This pump is made with high quality plastic material, corrosion resistant and sand erosion. With stainless steel diffuser. Base plate package.

25. MXH Calpeda type pump, Horizontal multi-stage stainless steel pump

Horizontal multi-stage close coupled pumps in stainless steel chromenickel.
Compact and robust construction, without prominent flanges and with a single lantern and base bracket

26. Calpeda pump type MXS, Stainless Steel Multi stage

Close several double-level submersible pumps in chrome-nickel stainless steel. The hydraulic parts under the motor and the motor are cooled by pumped water for safe operation as well as pumps that are only partially immersed. Double shaft seals with intermittent oil chambers. The suction filter prevents the entry of solid objects larger than:

27. Calpeda type NM pump, Close centrifugal pump combined with flange connection

Near-pair centrifugal pump; electric motor with a shaft directly connected to the pump. Casing pumps with axial suction and radial shipping dimensions and performance in accordance with EN 733.
B-NM: bronze version

28. Calpeda pump type NM and NMD, Close the centrifugal pump in pairs with the threated port

Centrifugal pumps in close proximity; electric motor with extended shaft directly connected to the pump.
NM: single-impeller
NMD: with two back-to-back impellers (with balancing thrust balancing)
B-NM, B-NMD: bronze version

29. Calpeda type N and N4 pumps, Centrifugal End Suction

Single end end-suction centrifugal pump, with bearing bracket. Nominal task points and main dimensions are in accordance with EN 733. Back in Pull-Out construction, for simple and fast disassembly and reassembly. Rotational speed (50 Hz): N = 2900 1 / min. N4 = 1450 1 / min.
B-N, B-N4: bronze version

30. Caliper pumps type T and TP, peripheral pumps and gears

Near-pair peripheral pumps (regenerative pumps) with turbine impellers.
B-T, B-TP: bronze version

Calpeda Pump Products have proven quality and excellence, can be relied on for your industry.

We are Calpeda Pump Agents in Jakarta with various types and specifications available.

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