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Milton Roy Pump

Selling Milton Roy Dosing Pump

Dosing Pump or so-called Electronic Metering Pump is a special pump for injecting chemicals in a measurable and accurate and safe way for various applications. We sell Dosing Pump Milton Roy which is a chemical dosing pump whose quality is no doubt where this brand has been known throughout the world. Dosing Pump Milton Roy is very accurate and easy in its settings so it is very easy for users to do their work.

For sale, LMI Milton Roy Losing Pump

PT. Gajah Unggul Pratama, one of the Milton Roy Pump suppliers, one of which is selling LMI Milton Roy's Dosing Pump. We sell Milton Roy LMI Dosing Pump which is a chemical dosing pump designed for more economical chemical injection which has a stroke length that can be set manually. The pump is designed in a closed manner to provide protection against moisture and corrosive conditions and has a high quality construction and durability.

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