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Water Meter Agent - Complete Water Meter Agent
Water Meter Agent - Complete Water Meter Agent
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Specification of Water Meter Agent - Complete Water Meter Agent

Complete Water Meter Agent

Water Meter Agent

Water meter is a measuring tool for the use of water. in many developed countries water meters are used to measure the volume of water used by commercial and residential buildings that are equipped with water with public water supply systems. Water meters can also be used on water sources, either, or the entire water system to determine the flow through certain parts of the system. In most parts of the world the flow of water meters is in cubic meters (m3) or liters but in the United States and a few meters of water in other countries calibrated in cubic feet (ft.3) or US gallons in mechanical or electronic lists. Some electronic water meter registers can display the level-of-flow in addition to the number of uses

There are several types of common water meters used. The choice depends on the flow measurement method, end user type, required flow rate, and accuracy requirements
We are the most complete water meter agent with brands such as SHM, Itron, Amico, Onda, Actaris, BR, Westechaus, Powogas, Census with drat and flange models. Water meters have material Cast iron, Cast steel, Stainless Steel, Plastic and so on of various sizes: 2 "(DN50), 2.5" (DN65), 3 "(DN80), 4" (DN100), 5 "(DN125) , 6 "(DN150). 8 "(DN200), 10" (DN250) and 12 "(DN300) and large diameters 14" (DN350) to 56 "(DN1400)

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Water Meter

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